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本文摘要:We live in an age where if were unsure of a fact, we can just Google it.我们生活在这样一个年代:有事拿不准,就去找谷歌。

We live in an age where if were unsure of a fact, we can just Google it.我们生活在这样一个年代:有事拿不准,就去找谷歌。And it appears many people ask the search engine some strange questions and rely on it to provide guidance in the event of an existential crisis, asking when will I die? and why are we here?或许许多人都会向搜索引擎托些稀奇古怪的问题,还在遭遇存活危机时确信它获取指导意见,比如问“我何时不会病死呢”以及“我们不存在的意义是什么”。


Thousands of people ask Google if they are pregnant, whether pigs sweat and where to hide a dead body, every month.每个月都有数千人告知谷歌自己否分娩了,猪会流汗吗以及往哪儿藏尸。The most popular question on the pictorial chart, created by marketing agency Digitaloft is: Am I pregnant?在营销机构Digitaloft制作的图表上,最冷侦的问题是:“我分娩了吗?”A staggering 90,500 women ask the search engine this question every month, presumably hoping it can provide an answer in lieu of a pregnancy test.每月竟然有90500位女性搜寻这个问题,大约是期望谷歌能替换验孕测试,得出个答案。The second and third most popular questions on the list are: How do I get home? and are aliens real?列表的中央在第二、第三位的最热门问题是:“我怎么回家?”和“知道有外星人吗?”While the first question may seem downright daft, a box pops up allowing users in input their postcode or zipcode, to help them with their journey, but unfortunately the search engine is not able to beat Nasa in its quest to find alien life, which it hopes to do before 2025.尽管前一个问题有可能看上去傻浮了,但有个窗口不会跳跃出来,让用户输出他们家的邮政编码,协助他们回家。

只惜在找寻外星生命方面,搜索引擎无法打破美国太空总署,而后者期望在2025年之前找到外星生命。Of course many people use Google as a digital doctor, searching for answers to embarrassing ailments. So its no surprise users ask it bizarre questions about their body.当然,许多人把谷歌当作网络医生来用于,为一些失望的病症搜索解决办法。因此,用户问一些有关身体的怪异问题也就不怪异了。According to the chart, 49,500 people a month ask whether passing wind burns calories, but unfortunately the myth this bodily function burns 67 calories is false.图表表明,每月有49500人回答出气否自燃卡路里,但很难过,这一身体机能可消耗67卡路里的传说是骗的。

Some 22,200 are curious as to why men have nipples, while a more troubled 4,400 people a month Google why does my bellybutton smell?大约22200人奇怪为什么男性有乳头,而每月有多达4400个倍感烦心的人回答谷歌“我的肚脐为什么有气味?”Worryingly, 3,600 people a month ask whether men have periods, with another 2,900 querying whether men can become pregnant, displaying a rather poor grasp of biology.每月有3600人焦虑不安,问男性否有经期,而另有2900人解法男人能否分娩,这都表明出有生物科学知识的极为短缺。A whopping 49,500 people ask the search engine when will I die every month and it seems users are just as clueless when it comes to animals.每月,多达49500人回答搜索引擎“我何时不会杀”,且或许在有关动物的问题上,人们真是一无所知。


Some 18,100 people ask Google whether penguins have knees every month, 8,100 want to know if pigs sweat and 2,900 are curious whether worms have eyes – they dont.每个月大约18100人回答谷歌企鹅有膝盖吗,8100人想要告诉猪会否流汗,2900人奇怪蠕虫是不是眼睛——它们没。An insecure 2,900 people every month ask the search engine does my dog love me? every month.每月还有2900个缺少安全感的人回答搜索引擎“我的狗狗爱我吗”。

Other popular but worrying questions people ask Google every month, include how do I hide the dead body? – with 480 queries and what happens if I drink blood? with 880 queries a month.另有一些热门发问一挺让人忧虑,其中还包括“如何藏尸”——480次搜寻,“我要是喝了血会怎样”——一个月内有880次搜寻。Some 800 people a month ask Google can I marry my cousin? according to the infographic, meaning 10,560 people a year might be considering popping the question to a relative.根据图表,每月大约有800人回答谷歌“我可以和表亲结婚吗”,这意味著每年有可能有10560人考虑到向某个亲戚表白。Others are in search of answers to lifes mysteries, with 8,100 people asking Google why are we here? every month and the same number asking if the tooth fairy is real.其他一些人则质问生命的奥秘。每月有8100人回答谷歌“我们不存在的意义是什么”,还有某种程度数量的人求教是不是真为有牙仙。



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